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Adventure of a brand of audio devices from the 70s, Teleton was for many people of the time THE first high-fidelity channel.
This site does not claim to know everything about this brand, but simply to share technical information, photos and repair schemes.

First era ?
In the late 1940s appears an American brand called Tele-Tone, specializing in radio and television sets. Posts such as the Tele-tone 195 or the 190 are still maintained by passionate clubs, especially in Holland. Is this an ancestor of Teleton? Nothing leads to believe it ...
Second period :
Registered in the Commercial Register in 1964 under No. 823621, the new company Teleton Electro Ltd. (66-68 Margaret Street, London, UK) specializes in the import and distribution of hi-fi products in Europe.
Third period :
In July 1970, the British press announced that Mitsubishi, the Japanese industrial giant, has just acquired 50% of Teleton Electro Ltd, its official distributor for Germany. Mitsubishi announces its ambitions: to generate a turnover of £ 9 million the first year, £ 25 million the following year ... The brand new company, simply called Teleton, markets under its name Japanese products "General Corporation". But Mitsubishi sees bigger: the Japanese wants to occupy the market of video recorders, car accessories, microwaves and office machines. Mitsubishi claims to hold about 50% of the UK television market and aims to introduce color. London's Teleton team is joined by a small staff of Japanese expats, Saito Yoshiki and Matsumura Hideaki. Via Teleton, the various Mitsubishi electronic products will be sold throughout the 70s in Europe. In 1977, there were Teleton branches in Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland.

Mitsubishi & Teleton, the winning partnership!

At the beginning of this new partnership, the young firm Teleton produces very classic models, largely influenced by the historic Teleton Electro, with a facade and aluminum buttons, a wood veneer, as for the model SAQ 206B. For its part, the Japanese giant Mitsubishi designs electronic circuits; among the first Teleton devices are the RA300L receiver, or the rather sober SAQ202.

Another series has rotating knobs instead of linear knobs. But all these models like the SAQ408 and SAQ307 will have almost identical electronics.

In the early 1970s, the arrival of the German firm Rommel & Schoen Design influences the design office and the look of some devices feels ... With lines that recall those of his Germanic contemporaries (Grundig ... ), the Teleton TFS70 receiver is a remarkable witness of this era.

(Class A)

In 1973, the A300 amp will make a remarkable entrance thanks to its technical qualities but also because of its attractive price. In the same series, in 1975, the A400 amp and its 20 watts on the meter will also be much sought after. The 1978 A401 will be the last in this series.

From 1971 to 1978, again thanks to the Rommel & Schoen touch, the range of devices is well expanded and the brand takes advantage of the rise of the "King-Music" distributor. With the TFS301 or the TFS80, Teleton occupies a prominent position in mid-range input. In March 1975, the test bench of the handset CS400, in the review "the Speaker" is quite laudatory and emphasizes "a very meritorious effort of the manufacturer to the benefit of the French clientelele".

In 1977 the firm Fujitsu and its subsidiary General Ltd enter into the design and manufacture of some of the new Teleton models such as the A330 A350 A380 A500 A600 and A3 A5 series. The General / Teleton Electro Co Limited group will even manufacture air conditioners. The group will produce many TVs like the CT252, at the same time Fujitsu gradually take the lead while gradually Mitsubishi will now focus on its own high-end production hifi.


Teleton & General Ltd, new and last partnership

In the early 80's the style of the group changes and becomes more Japanese, as evidenced by the 500 and 600 series and all their versions 660 and 380s, until the A3 and A5 series this time purely General Ltd design and manufacturing and which will inspire the line of models to come and will also probably be the last to wear the Teleton brand, comes the new look of the A800 series and the superb A850 A900 and A1000 with timeless design but this time the mark "General" is needed on the face of the devices, to date the series 1000 seems to be the last series of devices from General ltd and it also seems that the last chain stamped Teleton was a compact black plastic self-contained, with dual cassette, amp, tuner with LP deck on top; model far removed from the beautiful past series.

The last owner of the Teleton brand registered on January 3, 2005 was Teleton Electro Co. Limited.

General is still in business and still manufactures air conditioners.

Good visit

I wish you a pleasant visit, hoping you will like this great brand of hifi, and who knows, maybe you will find information for your device repairs ... Teleton hardware is easy to repair and good Opportunities are not lacking on the Internet, especially as the countries of the East seem to have a good stock of small treasures in reserve!
It is possible to enlarge some images while passing on them.

Encouragement will of course be appreciated, as well as remarks, and if you have any documents or information to complete the site, please share.


  Thanks to Patrick and Mathieu for their technical and computer help.
Thanks also to Gérard (gégé) of the Vintage Audio Laser forum for his help in electronics
and Mr. Goussaire R for the TCR330M documents.
to M. Le Fevre A for the GA203 documents.
to Ms.Guizard M for the GA203 and A400 documents.
serge Tainoff for the A400 user guide and for his help in electronics.
at the NVHR club for the SAQ307 scheme (Holland)
Dirk Kloeck former Teleton Europe technician for part of the documents on Teleton (belgium)
to Metal_u for the TFS70 receiver user manual
to Mr Kali Kumar for documents on the CMS400
to Mr Bernard D. for the many benches technique of apparatus
to Mr Muller marcus (Germany) for the A330 manual

TELETON, made in Japan

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